Promote Compassion Globally Fund

Destinations Extraordinaire is proud to affiliate itself with Kiva, an organization that implements and manages micro-loans in Third World countries. The United Nations has determined that this system of assistance could cut world poverty in half by 2015 by empowering entrepreneurs on an individual-by-individual basis. The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to microfinance practitioner Professor M. Yunus and micro lending is considered a means of world peace.

Kiva states, “We believe this is one of the best ways to empower our neighbors, giving them opportunities to become economically independent, improve their standard of living, and alleviate poverty for themselves and their communities.”

The results are extremely encouraging and an average first loan invested in the entrepreneurial poor can enable a mother or father to feed an entire family by allowing small business growth. The exciting giving factor with Kiva is the opportunity to choose the entrepreneur you wish to support and receive updates on their accomplishments!

As a seasoned traveler to Third World Latin countries, I believe in the efficacy of such programs and the incredible impact on quality of life. I have chosen to join this organization to help promote compassion, world peace and - one person at a time - help others live out their dream for a better life, a life free of chronic poverty.

PoemKiva is a non-profit that is revolutionizing the fight against global poverty by enabling people to connect with and make personal loans—of as little as $25—to low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world. Most of the poor in developing countries are self-employed entrepreneurs and a small loan to purchase business-related items such as sewing machines or livestock can empower them to earn their way out of poverty.

Entrepreneurs supported by Wanda St.Hilaire

(Start Date March 2008)

Sara Rodriguez RamosMexico
Florence LarteyGhana
Oswaldo MaquilanEcuador
Kutbinisso TollbovaTajikstan
Semilla GroupBolivia
Florecer GroupBolivia
Fanaticas GroupBolivia
Genoveve Llanos de MarinBolivia
Ana Cristina Condori MaronPeru
Luz Marina Vilca YapuPeru
Seng SinakCambodia
Dina KongCambodia
Son SaorenCambodia
Djiguiya 4 De Wayere Farakala GroupMali
Faifu UtumapuSamona
Bomoko Plus GroupThe Democratic Republic of Congo
Mil YamCambodia
Masuda KayumovaTajikstan
Moriamo NofiuNigeria
Kiwanga Twegatte GroupMukono, Uganda
Margaret DriciruUganda
Ny├Ętaa 2 GroupMali
Thach HemCambodia
Kathegbeh GroupSierra Leone
Shirri MarianaCameroon
Lucero Ixt GroupMexico
Las Daliass GroupMexico
Los Tamarindos 1 GroupMexico
Sek SavanCambodia
Los Arcoiris de Atoto GroupMexico
Las Begonias GroupMexico
Komi VilagnonTogo
Juan José Rodriguez OrozcoColumbia
San Miguel Arcangel GroupParaguay
La Guadalupita GroupMexico
Oksana FilipUkraine
Jose ErmisEl Salvador
Jean DamasceneRwanda
AshaMsambweni, Kenya
Matilde Rosa MarthaMonterrey, Mexico
PedroMonterrey, Mexico
Victor EduardoEcuador
Mujeres En Acción GroupGuatemala
Gladys VivianaPeru
Ben GroupMali
Phey's GroupCambodia